Weighted Push Ups

Weighted push ups

Weighted push ups are a great way for you to add extra resistance and build more strength in your chest. You have access to some of the best body defining and toning exercises all without ever stepping foot into a gym.

The push-up is as old as it comes when it comes to workout out. Your ability to take advantage of your body’s weight and transform it into a chest, shoulder, back, and arm building working means you have a …

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Get Shredded Diet Plan

Get Shredded Diet

Have you heard of the Get Shredded Diet? It sounds like a great diet. I mean who wouldn’t want to be shredded? It’s instantly eye-catching. As soon as you remove your shirt or expose your midsection, everyone around just can’t help but look.

The shredded body takes physical appearance to the next level. It shows you’re not only dedicated at the gym but in the kitchen as well. It’s so easy to slip up a bit in the kitchen, which …

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How To Perform The Human Flag

Human Flag

What is the human flag? Have you ever been watching television and, during the program, an individual climbed up a pole and then fully extended his or her body sothey are parallel with the ground?

In a way, they make themselves look like a human flag? You may wonder how to perform such a move. 

You don’t need to be a massive bodybuilder or professional athlete to perform this move, but you do need to have some general strength and balance

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How To Do The Leg Extension Exercise

Leg Extension

The leg extension exercise is essential when trying to build muscle in your quads. When it comes to burning calories and building muscle, no day is as important as leg day.

This means blasting your quads, hamstrings and gluteus will not only help tighten and tone your lower body but will help burn calories at the same time. Beyond the standard squats, leg presses, deadlifts, and leg presses, what kind of leg exercises should you be doing? 

One you …

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Working Out After Breast Augmentation: Important Facts To Consider

Working Out After Breast Augmentation

Before we get into working out after breast augmentation, lets take a look at our society. Females have to deal with their bodies constantly being a point of discussion. There is intense pressure within society to be skinny with big features (boobs and butt). 

This has sparked a debate about the prevalence of plastic surgery — and breast augmentation, more specifically — in the fitness community.

Here’s what you need to know before going under the knife.

Are Breast Implants

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Strengthening Exercises For Erector Spinae Back Muscles

erector spinae

When you head out to the gym to work on the back, you probably have a main goal of strengthening (or increasing the size) of your lats and your traps. You shouldn’t forget about the erector spine muscles though. Because they are the large, dominating muscles of your back. 

However, these are not the only muscles located on your back. In fact, one of the most important muscle groups often goes unnoticed. Why is this?

While the lats and …

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New Year Resolution Ideas

New Year Resolution Ideas

With 2018 behind you and all of 2019 in front of you, now is a great time to challenge yourself and to push yourself to actually accomplish those New Year Resolution ideas.

There’s never been a better time to live a healthy lifestyle than right now.

But don’t just tell yourself you’re going to live healthier. Do it!

In fact, here are several great ways to kickstart your New Year and propel yourself to new potential. 

Get Outside

Get Outside

We spend so …

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Essential Supplements For Women

Supplements For Women

We dont see enough supplements for women. When you check out the fitness supplement section in your local grocery store, health food store, or even corner drug store, what do you normally see on the label? Ripped dudes with shredded abs and massive muscles.

That’s all fine and good for the guys out there, but what about supplements for the women? In most cases, what works for the guys will also work for you.

Of course, you don’t want to …

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10 Exercises for Building Lean Muscle

Building Lean Muscle

Not everyone goes to the gym to get huge. Some of us want to maintain what we already have. They’re plenty of us are on the constant lookout for building lean muscle.

It’s about shredding the fat and maintaining a cut, lean look. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

After all, bulking up isn’t for everyone.

If you’re in this category, you can take advantage of many of the same lifts as the mass builders and the strength seekers.

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Your Guide To Building Muscle After 50

Building Muscle After 50Building muscle isn’t just a young man’s goal. It is often the goal of men and women from all walks of life. There are many different reasons you may want to start building muscle after 50.

Sometimes you live an unhealthy life in your younger years, then receive a health scare, and decide you’re going to do everything differently moving forward.

Other times you just want to be someone who has a great looking body as you age. All of …

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